Roger M.Solomon



Dr Roger M. Solomon is a psychologist and psychotherapist. Since 1994 he worked as an international trainer at the EMDR Institute. Before that, he had a long career as a police psychologist. He has also worked as a psychologist on emergency duty in traumatic situations. Dr Solomon is well known in the United States as an expert on police work, stress, and grief as well as on issues related to post-shooting trauma. Also, he has planned critical incident programs and provided training for peer support teams and has developed a post-trauma seminar rehabilitation model that draws on both psychological debriefing and EMDR therapy.

Dr Solomon has done research on post-shooting trauma and on psychological rehabilitation in extreme risk incidents. He has conducted seminars for policemen in the U.S., Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway. He is presently researching into the use of EMDR for treatment of severe traumatic incidents.

Roger M. Solomon has spported the Center for Post-trauma Therapy and Trauma Education in the psychotherapeutic use of the EMDR method and in helping the helpers. He has acted as a trainer at the EMDR seminars in Finland years between 1995 - 2005.